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Dokat, Inc is a Biotech-Robotics Research and Manufacturing company headquartered in Chicago, USA. Company’s objective is to make novel augmented purifier products using A.I.  Current product line includes DOKAT Deep UV Air sterilizer, Air sterilizer robots and A.I. Guaranteed Irradiation devices.

Their research team led by Ram Chella, the CEO & Chief Architect, recently invented 'Dokat Air - a Deep UV-C Air Sanitizer', a patent-pending novel product with better germ-killing efficiency than other Air purifiers in the market and Air purifier robot using their patent-pending Laser Lock technology that makes robotics navigation cost effective.

The DOKAT research team collectively has 22 patents to their credit. The team has worked dedicatedly to clear stringent safety and quality measures successfully. They have met international regulatory standards and obtained ISO 9000:2015, European CE (conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards) and FCC (US standard for electronic products) certifications.

Ram Chella explaining the technology behind Dokat Air –


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Dokat, Inc
965 W. Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60642

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DOKAT Robotics Pvt. Ltd.,
38, Gandhipuram West
Karur, Tamilnadu
India - 639002