• Dokat Air Sanitizer

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World's first DeepUV Air Sanitizer

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Dokat Air #1 Air Sanitizer

Sanitizes 100 sq.ft of air within 15 mins. Kills 99.99% germs.

Using Dokat Air, is the best way to protect you from indoor air-borne infections.

Effective in Killing Germs - Safe to use - Low maintenance


Best Air sterilizer in the market

Normal Air purifiers just filter pollutants, they do not kill germs.

AC's and HVAC systems do not kill germs as well. Instead they enhance the spread of the airborne infections.

Our sanitizers are focused on killing and removing maximum germs from indoor air. Our filterless design and DeepUV technology enable our DOKAT Air to be the best in the market with maximum germicidal efficacy.


DOKAT Sanitizers come in 2 versions - DOKAT PRO & DOKAT Air Mini to satisfy the sterilizing needs of your indoors. 

My clients feel safer and protected at my clinic in the presence of Dokat Air Sanitizer

Dr.Chellamuthu Velusamy, MD

It is a must need product at every home to stay away from indoor diseases. 

Mr. Raja Apachi, CEO, DoWhistle

Great Product. I have been waiting for such a sanitizing device for years to deploy at my scan center. Now my clients feel confident coming into my scan center without the fear of indoor infections. My employees feel safer too. 

Dr. S. Velmurugan, MD, Radiology

We tested the efficacy in our own laboratory and amazed with the results. It is a need of the hour device.

Royal Care Hospital, Tamilnadu, India

We have deployed DOKAT Air sanitizer in all rooms in our hotel. It helped us reopening the business to our guests.  

Marc Prensky, Hotel Owner

Keep your business safe

Using Dokat Air, is the best way to protect you from indoor air-borne infections.

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